7 Healing Stones

Let’s talk about a different kind of tool for your practice. A favorite of mine.

As a kid I was always playing with rocks. As I grew older a friend of mine introduced me to how awesome rocks could be. Stones, for everything! Literally everything. I grew into always carrying them in my pockets, making necklaces with them, stashing pebbles in the corners of my home, and then…you guessed it…Yoga.

My guide to the 7 Stones for Yoga (7 Chakra’s): 

  1. Crown Chakra: Amethyst: 
    This stone is my favorite color, purple. Besides the pretty color it is best known for being a protective stone. It is very calming, and can bring peace, happiness, contentment, and stability. It brings strength, which increases flexibility. How awesome is that? Amethyst will break your bad habits, aide in self purpose, and eliminates being impatient. Great for meditation, intuition, and power. Being a Crown Chakra stone it is a beautiful stone for your mind. Healthy mind, healthy body, healthy spirit.
  2. Third Eye Chakra: Selenite: 
    This stone is actually a lot like Amethyst in my opinion. It goes hand in hand with your Crown Chakra as well. Removing energy blockage, bringing a sense of protection. It is best known as the angel stone. Dig into your higher self, and have some good luck while doing so. It can help with blocking energies around us we aren’t holding space for. Create your own energy on your mat, and block that guy that had a bad day.
  3. Throat Chakra: Blue Kyanite:
    A stone of visualization, and alignment. In my mind you have to have focus of your visions to bring balance, which then in return aligns you.  Following? This stone can help bring a flow of energy, honesty, tranquility, and more. For your mental note, this stone works great with other stones. It loves to fill in energy gaps.
  4. Heart Chakra: Rhodonite:
    Heal any cracks in your heart. A pinkish speckled stone assisting with trauma, loss, grief, and takes on many calming effects. With all of the amazing heart benefits, it also aides in inflammation, immune, and joint support. WOW! Also bringing attention to every detail. Do you need to notice a few more thing in your poses?
  5. Solar Plexus Chakra: Citrine:
    Happy stone with energy of the sun. Just looking at the translucent yellow will make you feel a little bubblier. Every time I use this stone I feel a little crazy. Must be its ability to break up energies, eliminating fears, building confidence, and personal power. A stone pushing you toward success. Want to grow your flow, this is your stone. I know I am a person that hold my self back because of caution. I love this stone so much. Did you know it helps your body with digestion too?
  6. Sacral Chakra: Red Aventurine:
    Simply the best for an artist. I believe yoga is a type of art. Get creative, imagine more possibility, and promote change. Give yourself some courage and inner strength. Build up, and get rid of negetive energy you may store. This stone is great for change, and success. Also helping with your blood, and circulatory system.
  7. Root Chakra: Garnet:
    A type of quartz.  Wait…before we get into the benefits of this beauty… here’s a side story. When I was 8 months pregnant I went to California. I met a man selling stones on the street, and of course there I was looking at all his talented wire work. Randomly he pulled out this greenish stone. He told me it was a garnet. I looked at it and couldn’t walk away with out it. It wasn’t wrapped or anything. I attempted to wire wrap it and wore it around my neck every day. I even gave birth with it on. I later looked this one up. It blew my mind the things that I loved about this stone were spot on. Not sure if that man knew I needed it or not, but what a find!

So, lets discover the magic together.

Going hand in hand with the heart chakra it removes negative energy, and regenerates good energy. Blocking self harm caused from unwanted thoughts. Brings self purpose to ones life. Did you walk into class not wanting to do much? This stone will encourage movement with confidence, and inspiration. Okay, there is even more! It helps with acid re flux, immune support, bones, organs, and so much more. Being an earth stone it can ground you to your mat. Have I convinced you to go find this one? I sure hope so!

For more information on healing stones, check out this awesome book here. It has tons of awesome information!

Written By:  Kiernan Buschert
Creator at theyogiste.com

From the heart of Salt Lake City, Utah. Exploring entrepreneurship and passion for writing and yoga. Her goal is to create beauty. Outside of this she enjoys being a mother, hiking, reading, and staying active.