Techniques to Ground and Connect with the Earth

Often times people tell me “My mind is always in a rush, I accumulate so much energy and I don’t know how to release it” or “I am too sensitive, I feel other people’s problems as if they were mine, so I rapidly feel tired and empty”.

Statements like these are expressions of distress. When the conversation ends with the ultimate question, “What should I do about it?”, it's time to take it as a request for help.

Here is my simple, grounding truth:

Rely on the Earth.

If your mind keeps rushing and you can’t stay present, enter your body through your consciousness, the realm of matter, and ask The Earth for support.

She will bring us back to the present moment.

If you accumulate too much energy, release it into the Earth.

If you are sensitive and empathetic, connect with the Earth.

She takes what we no longer need, She transforms our consciousness and gives us new energy.

Here are three grounding techniques we can use to connect with the Earth:

1. Remain barefoot.
Find a place where you can feel the Earth with your bare feet: a park, a beach, …
You are standing, knees are soft, back is long, shoulders relaxed, face muscles released.
Close your eyes and bring the attention to the natural and spontaneous breath. Do not try to control it, just simply observe.

After a few moments, bring the attention to the feet, which serves as the main point of contact with the Earth.

Inhale and visualize/imagine a golden light full of energy slowly rising from the Earth and entering the body through the feet.

The body is now filled with this energy.

Exhale and visualize the elements living in the body that is no longer needed (thoughts, emotions, pain, tension…) as it leaves the body and enters back to the Earth.

This exercise should bring a sense of release, grounding and connection with the earth.  Repeat as needed.

2. Connect with the energy of the Mother
Find a comfortable seat on the ground, (preferably outdoors ), and lengthen the spine. Place the hands on the knees, palms facing down, and close the eyes.

Bring the attention to the parts of the body that are in contact with the Earth (feet, glutes, maybe the legs) and visualize or imagine roots slowly growing from these parts of the body. 

Allow these roots to descend deep down, until it reaches the Earth centre. Visualize/imagine the centre as a big sphere full of red energy; this energy rises through your roots, reaches your body and fills your body with new energy.

This energy goes back to the Earth centre, in an uninterrupted rise-and-fall cycle.

This method will bring a sense of peace and balance. Repeat until you feel results.

3. Breathe through the feet
Stand in a location where you can feel the Earth beneath your feet.  Soften the knees, lengthen the spine, and relax the shoulders and facial muscles. Close the eyes.

For a few moments observe the natural and spontaneous breath. Slowly inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth.

Now, visualize a ball of light glowing just above the head.

This ball of light enters the body through the top of the head and slowly descends down while connecting with every part of the body. This moving light eventually leaves the body through the soles of the feet and it enters the Earth, stopping when it is about 30cm below the feet.

Now raise the left arm and invite your higher Self to enter.

While you slowly lower the arm, visualize your higher Self entering through the body and descend onto the Earth, joining the ball of light in unison.

Your consciousness is now living in that space, 30cm below the feet.

With eyes closed, visualize your feet as it stands firmly in connection to the earth, slowly breathing in this ball of light buried below.

After a few moments, slowly open up the eyes.

With Love,
Eleonora Cosner
Eleonora is a Yoga Teacher (200 RYT, RPYT) who lives at the border between Tuscany and Umbria, in the heart of Italy.  She calls herself an #earthandsoulwanderer, due to her love for traveling and soul wandering.  She is a multipotentialite and a polyglot (she fluently speaks Italian, English, French and Spanish).  When she is not teaching yoga or working on her laptop, she loves wandering in the woods, devouring books and engaging in deep conversations with her loved ones.