Laughing Through Motherhood: The Key to Happiness

"Laughter is the fireworks of the soul ~ Josh Billings"

So, about motherhood….crazy ain’t it?!

We often talk about the challenges, amazing milestones, and those heart-wrenching moments. But what about the downright, ridiculous, WTF, bloody hilarious days? You know the ones. Those days where everything goes wrong. Everything. 

Those insane, tear-your-hair-out, render-you-speechless, desperate days where you areshort of having a mental breakdown, and the only way you can keep it together is to laugh.  Those days you wouldn’t read about on fancy health blogs or social media pages, or anywhere on the internet. 

Well, lets change that.

On this crazy, amazing journey called motherhood, lets celebrate those truly hilarious moments…even if you have to look back on them to try to find the humor in it.

Raise your hand if you have ever turned the light switch off with your face because your hands were full with a sleeping baby. Have you mastered the Catherine Zeta Jones ‘Entrapmentstyle maneuvers to get out of your kids’ bedroom undetected? Tell me you dont know where EVERY creak in the house is and have silent screaming fits when your partner accidentally finds one.

If you had to pick one, whats the funniest moment in your motherhood journey so far?

Allow me to share mine:
I will never forget getting halfway through my supermarket shopping to discover my 9 month old had an explosive poo. You know, the type that requires a full outfit change…and I was holding her. I looked down to discover the awful truth – she got her poo on my clothes, too.  I knew I only had two options:  I could abandon my shopping and scuttle home (or try and find a baby changing room…unlikely) or just grin and bear it. So, I hugged her a little closer, hoping no one else would smell it and rushed through the shopping. I couldn
t even put her down now for obvious reasons, so I just cheesily grinned at anyone I noticed sniffing the air.

Now, Im not particularly squeamish, especially after having two kids, but I had poo all over me. Poo. So of course the first thing I did when I got home was laugh uncontrollably and post it on Facebook.

Then there are the funny things your kids do that that makes you want to rip out your hair, but upon reflection you have to find the humor in it. My daughter had a knack for swiping things off the kitchen bench--butter, being her favourite. Some time after the poo incident (and a whole lot of other incidents in between) I caught her in the lounge room with both hands wrist-deep in the butter…just having a play. Truthfully, at the time, I was flabbergasted. But in retrospect, I see the value. Have you ever stuck your hands in a tub of soft butter? You should try it, it feels kinda cool. And for an 18 month-old where everything is about sensory play, it actually makes sense. I did have a giggle at the time (after I cleaned her up of course), and sent a pic to hubby so he knows what I deal with every single day!

Aside from the obvious that laughter actually makes you feel good, there are numerous scientifically proven benefits as well:

•       Lowers blood pressure
•       Reduces stress hormone levels

•       Tones your abs
•       Improves cardiac health
•       Boosts T cells for immunity
•       Triggers the release of endorphins

Plus, sometimes all you can do is laugh to keep yourself from crying.

Theres a reason why we light up when we first hear our kids laugh – it does something to your soul. Its good for our kids to hear it too and learn early on not to take life too seriously.

So, mamas, let it rip. Next time its all getting too much just let out a big, belly-rip, roaring laugh and let it go. Write these memories down too because youre going to want to remember them later in life.

Next time you’re having coffee with your mama friends, put a humorous spin on your tragic moments, because theres nothing better than sharing in the misery of others! 

Written By: Andy Broadbear
Andy is a (RYT500) yoga therapist and (RYT500) yoga teacher, as well as a pre + postnatal specialist based in Melbourne. She is co-founder of Yoga Mamas, an online mama biz designed to support women through the mamahood journey using yoga as the inspiration. Together with biz partner Kate Payne, Yoga Mamas provides mums with the tools to cope with the challenges and inject a little ‘me time’ back into their day using yoga, meditation, breathing practices and positive affirmation. Andy & Kate worked with 2XU on their pre & postnatal compression range and have been featured on BabyBerryBlog, MeOhMyMum & MumsWithHustle Podcast. Andy is a mum of two, passionate yogi, health & wellness blogger and hobby photographer.