Walking Through Life’s Hardest Lessons

Back in the early stages of the year 2017, I felt a shift in global energy.  A lot of aspects of my life were foregoing a transformational process (which I suppose is still ongoing).

Despite the constant moving pieces, I feel I am where I should be, on The Path.

Life in due time always provides proof of this: What drains my energy eventually takes a separate path, in one way or another (even if the separation may be full of suffering and emotional attachment), while new experiences and adventures, which are in line with what my Soul has already chosen, knocks unexpectedly at my door.

This pattern of Life provides me a sense of lightness--and the lighter I become, the moving elements in my life seem to align with The Purpose.


Not everything in life can easily flow through this picture perfect transformation-evolution, and not everything leads to this vital stream of abundance.  Sometimes when one important aspect of life leads to a path of blockages, we may feel that everything else seems to end up in a road with limited potential as well.

At this point, we may feel that potentialities cannot be fully expressed because it needs to divert itself back on the right path, the path that aligns with The Purpose of life.  Perhaps this is the precious wasted energy that should be used for contributing to a positive purpose I was discussing earlier.

So why do we encounter misalignment on our path to finding our Purpose?

We are on this beautiful Earth to learn.

Sometimes life lessons are hard, and Life knows how we are--She tries to teach us in a gentle and sweet manner, but when we don’t listen, She does this the hard way.

The “misalignment” is the lesson we need to learn: When the sails are up at full speed, the misaligning pieces that refuses to stay onboard is exactly what we need to acknowledge and take care of.

As time passes by, we come to see that perhaps this misalignment was the lifejacket thrown at us in perfect timing, before the sharks arrive to knock us off even harder on the beaten path.

But only if we could just learn to remain open and listen.

If we remain patient and allow the life lessons to take charge, we would avoid settling into a situation that may seem perfect, but secretly hides uncured wounds.  We would ultimately align ourselves with the flow of that river that our soul chose to navigate a long, long time ago.

Patience is required.
A little bit of courage is required.
We need both of them.
And everything will change.

Because in choosing to swim through life’s hardest lessons, the world will prove to be more beautiful and brighter than it has ever been before.

Written By:  Eleonora Cosner
Eleonora is a Yoga Teacher (200 RYT, RPYT) who lives at the border between Tuscany and Umbria, in the heart of Italy.  She calls herself an #earthandsoulwanderer, due to her love for traveling and soul wandering.  She is a multipotentialite and a polyglot (she fluently speaks Italian, English, French and Spanish).  When she is not teaching yoga or working on her laptop, she loves wandering in the woods, devouring books and engaging in deep conversations with her loved ones.