Why authenticity is our greatest superpower

When we step into authenticity and embrace what we really are, we have the power to create, shape, connect and conquer pretty much anything. I know— it can be scary to wear our real skin, but it’s worth it. Whether our fears around authenticity involve rejection, abandonment or failure, we have the ability to overcome them one step at a time by speaking more honestly, living consciously and opening ourselves to opportunities that speak to our souls.

Here are just a few lovely side effects of getting real with ourselves: 

We Attract Abundance
When we allow ourselves to become what we really are, the people, places and situations that allow us grow will naturally come to us. When we come from a pure and honest place, we attract that same authentic energy into our lives. 

They may have always been there, but now we are able to see and embrace them. These specific puzzle pieces of our lives teach us to be our highest, most conscious and loving selves, because they are in alignment with our authentic journey. Call it the law of attraction, destiny, divine will, God’s plan or whatever you want, it’s just the way our universe protects and supports us on our journeys. 

We Relax
We drain ourselves of a lot of energy when we’re working hard to maintain our masks. So, when we relax into who we really are, we find that we have more energy to devote to just “Be”, live, and create. Simply “living” feels easier. The struggle we once felt to just carry on dissipates. Our shoulders relax away from our ears, our hearts open and we flow with the world around us. Joy and contentment become familiar feelings. We soften into our skin.  We are energetically free and feeling physically free and relaxed.  

We Encourage Others to be Authentic, too
Human beings have the amazing ability to lead by example. When we drop the performances and people-pleasing and swap our masks for our real selves, we gently encourage those around us to do the same— or at the very least, feel safe enough to let go when they’re around us. Authenticity is contagious, so spread it around! Whatever the situation, whatever the challenge or celebration, we have the most power when we enter it honestly, truly and 100% authentically. 

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Written By:
CYA-RYT 200 | Yoga Teacher | Writer | Speaker
Eryl McCaffrey, CYA-RYT 200, is a yoga teacher, wellness writer and public speaker living in Toronto. She's passionate about breaking down the stigma surrounding mental illness and believes physical activity can help heal the mind, body and soul. When she's not in her busy mode, you can find Eryl hiking, singing and meditating.  Websiteerylmccaffrey.com | twofeetheartbeat.wordpress.com