Dance, Dance, Dance and Free Your Soul

Last night, I went out to a night club for some dancing. (I haven’t gone out like this for over a year and a half.)

Night clubs are not my one of my favourite places- I started going to clubs about ten years ago and it seemed to be for everything but dancing. Swarmed amongst hundreds of people, there’s only enough space to land on your own two feet). There is also the unwanted grabbing, touching and bumping..

Clubs were never my place. At some point I stopped going for these reasons.

However, the nightclubs gained a new meaning during my time with the Erasmus.  It became a place for me to meet new friends.  During this time, I also learned that I could just simply dance in there….really dance.

Let’s go back to yesterday. I was tired-extremely tired. I got up at 5 am, worked until 3 pm and had not been able to stay alert the entire day.  I decided anyway to go out with a friend of mine and after a glass of wine, we went dancing.  And let me tell you, when I’m very tired, I find myself in a state of inebriation.

I drank some alcohol and joined the fray.
I danced, danced, and danced on my own, with and for myself.
For myself and nobody else.
I wasn’t there to attract anyone. I even created physical distance from the people that were standing too close.
The dance became an exploration of my body and sensations of a dynamic meditation to inner discovery.
Eyes were wet, and there was something moving at the centre of my chest.
While I was shaking off all my worries it was trying to escape out of my chest.

Almost, it almost did it.
And then--oh, the sensuality.
So much sensuality- I felt it and lived within my body!
It was there for me, to awaken me, and spilled out of every pore.
It was like a light sparkling from within.  
And it was for myself, and nobody else.

Dance heals and awakens.

Dance, dance, dance.
With or without grace, follow the outer or inner melody.
And, while you dance, just cry, laugh, yell, and feel your body’s sensuality.

But just dance, dance, dance.

P.S. Now I want to hear from you: have you ever experienced letting go while dancing? Which activities help you releasing and letting go? Leave a comment below and share with me and us all.

With love,
Eleonora Cosner
Eleonora is a Yoga Teacher (200 RYT, RPYT) who lives at the border between Tuscany and Umbria, in the heart of Italy.  She calls herself an #earthandsoulwanderer, due to her love for traveling and soul wandering.  She is a multipotentialite and a polyglot (she fluently speaks Italian, English, French and Spanish).  When she is not teaching yoga or working on her laptop, she loves wandering in the woods, devouring books and engaging in deep conversations with her loved ones.